Public Health and Medical

Everyone deserves the right to live healthily without the agony of diseases
Households without economic support despite possible diseases, injuries or incurable diseases that requires thorough treatment efforts are aided of medical fees and treatment charges. Also, children are supported to turn into sound adults through nutrition management. Through meal support project we attempt to improve fundamental health situation by providing vitamins and calcium, and conducts disease prevention and sanitary education.

  • Well Building Project
  • Eye Sight Recovery Support
  • Sanitary Education
  • Meal Support


Education and Culture

Nurturing prospective leaders through educational and cultural support
We pioneer in enlightening children and adolescents without opportunities for education driven by poverty through quality education and skill acquisition. Also, through diverse cultural programs and education projects, we support nurturing of sound mind and bodily fitness.

  • Scholarship
  • Library Establishment and Operation
  • School Building


Regional Development

Assisting the positive force to improve their living condition
We attempt to generate positive changes through support to residents under desolate environment to improve the surroundings and stand strong by themselves. Residents of the community are given the opportunity to develop their inhabitancy, build their own profitable business, and stand by themselves that can fortify each individuals and households.


Emergency Relief

Necessary help is given to destructed regions of natural disasters
We dispatch emergency relief volunteers and investigation team to areas of emergency disasters (earthquake, typhoon, flood, tsunami, etc.) worldwide, offering aid kits suitable to those particular scenes, and conduct salvage mission. Also, for areas with difficulty of short-term restoration, region-wide restoration is conducted, as well as support program for severely poor victims, helping to recoup their normal daily lives.

  • Primitive Emergency Relief Aid
  • Secondary Restoration Project