March 25 General Assembly for Promoters of Foundation
July 4 Institution Establishment
September 30 Foundational Ceremony (Buddhist Monk Jigwan, 1st Chairman)



October 15 Living Cost patronage for the household aired in ‘Hyeonjang Repor, Donghang’, KBS 1TV (Completed as of November 1st 2013)


2010 Major Projects

January 15 In Haiti, donation and Medical Salvage activities at the earthquake scene
May 14 In Qinghai Province, China, restoration Fund donation and Emergency Salvage activities at earthquake scene in
May 24 In Haiti, assisted project fund to UNESCO for Haiti Education Rebuilding (Completed on September 24th 2014)
September 2 For North Korea, offered emergency aid to flood victims
September 3 For Pakistan, emergency relief for flood damage


2011 Major Projects

January 5 Ladakh, India, assisted flood victims and flood damage restoration
March 14 East Japan, emergency aid fund in response to the East Japan Earthquake
October 10 Hyangsan-gun, Pyeonganbuk-do and Bhakcheon-gun, North Korea, aid areas damaged from severe rain storm
October 19 Haiti, emergency fund for construction and restoration of school infrastructure
October 28 Thailand, Relief Kit, Relief Fund, and Emergency Salvage Activities at flood-damaged sites (Completed on November 22 2011)
December 02 Africa, mosquito net aid in collaboration with ‘Net’s Go’ a UN Foundation


2012 Major Projects

July 10 Eyesight Recovery Operation Support Program for Underrepresented People
November 27 ‘Dreaminus with Nature’ Environmental Forum


2013 Major Projects

August 20 Financial support for Welfare Town in Sri Lanka
August 23 Erected water well for Bumile Okoni Elementary School in Tanzania, Africa
September 6 ~ 15 Construction Kick-Off Ceremony for Tanzanian (African) Agricultural school Establishment and Tour
September 12 School supplies support for Bakita School in the slum of Nairobi, Kenya, Africa
November 12 ~ 22 Emergency Kit Supply (8,000 Households) to Damaged Areas (Tolosa, Giwan, Philippines) from Typhoon Haiyan


2014 Major Projects

February 1 Tanzania, kick off ‘Toto(child)’s Dream’ Project for children in outskirt areas
February 14 New English Name given as ‘Dreaminus’ (Areumdaun Donghang is the Korean title for what is now Dreaminus)
March 28 Philippines, education restoration project on typhoon-destructed regions / supported 6 elementary schools
June 6 Tanzania, African, ‘HAPPY CORN’ project for aliment provision
July 7 MOU with Deokseong Women’s University for Creative and Talented African Female Nurturing
August 30 Philippines, supported with medicines and germicides on damaged regions from Typhoon ‘Haiyan’
September 24 Haiti, completed construction of Herm Bayard High School as education restoration project (Duration: Since May 2010)